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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How to Get a lot of Experience Quick

Sometimes you live in a big city and the time you have to wait to get into middle and upper management can take a long time to happen. The competition is fierce and a lot of the time you spend looking around for that one opportunity.

The quickest way to get into upper management like Food and Beverage Manager or any other head of department is to go to the spots where you quickly can achieve those positions. You may only need to work a couple of years to become a Food and Beverage Manager in a less populated area.

When I first became bartender it took a year before I was Head Bartender. Then when I became waiter it wasn't a year before I became the head waiter. But to do the latter with so little experience I headed out west to work at a seasonal resort in the mountains. A place where few would go.

I got there and became better quicker. Combining my bar tending and waiting experience up to that point I did not have much to land a position in the city so I headed outside of the hustle bustle where I was able to pad my resume further. On my return I became a Bar Manager.

Not only did it help to get out of town but it was a lot less expensive to live having my accommodation and meals paid for at the location. So I was able to save some money I would not be able to do living in a big city.

If you can do this while you are younger it is a big head start. At places out of the way as well you can get your feet wet in any department as you will probably be needed all over the place. This will certainly give you a sense of what you need to know to run your own establishment one day.

So my advice is look for jobs that are a bit isolated from what you are used to and get that experience. It will be a great experience regardless just because of seeing new places and meeting new people. Head way up North or in the country somewhere. Plenty of beautiful hotels nestled in beautiful locations where people go all the time.

Travelling is wonderful and even better when you can get more experience quicker.

Think about it...

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