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Sunday, December 13, 2015

You Have to Prepare Your Mise en Place To Have a Fighting Chance

When you are working in a kitchen, waiting on tables, or preparing drinks behind the bar the one thing you have to do to have a successful shift is make sure you have got your prep done.

If you are working in the kitchen make sure you have everything ready before service begins. This includes anything you may have to run downstairs to the cooler for during service. There is nothing worse that getting in the weeds because something was not done before service that should have been done. So check the check list before starting and tick things off as you complete them.

A waiter has to make sure his tables are checked before service and he has a ready supply of steak knives, soup spoons, etc..and other utensils and service items he will need during the rush. Nothing worse than running around losing energy on getting something that should have been ready at the start.

A bartender has to stock up on fruit garnishes, juices, soft drinks, also make sure the beer fridge is full as well as an ample supply of house wine on the ready. Fast bar is ready to go and you have a back up of everything.

If you do this we will get through the hectic Christmas season and head into the New Year with some good work habits already developing.

If you want to listen to an accomplished chef talk about he works tune in to listen to Ron Kalenuik by clicking here.

Be prepared to win!

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