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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Year in Review

Well it is December 30th and another year is about to be wrapped up. There is no question that with two boys of 14 and 11 with all their activities etc...these past few years have really zipped by.

It seems like things are getting more expensive as well so with both my wife and I working for tips there is nothing ever steady on a weekly basis coming in.

The big thing this year for me was the job change in June when I decided to take my friend's offer of returning back to where I worked 8 years ago. It was kind of strange at the beginning. Even some people who were coming into the restaurant when they saw me blurted out to me things like, "You have been here for ages now haven't you?' "Eh no sir I just started a couple of months ago," I would reply then when I said I worked here 8 years ago they would have remembered that I had served them then. Well I guess that is good because it means I have aged well anyway!

Now I get that from people who ate where I worked for the past 8 years. You served us at the ---- restaurant to which I would reply I probably did. So it is like working a bit in a Tardis telephone booth like Dr. Who which by the way the current edition of Dr. Who a lot of people think I look a lot like him. My wife definitely thinks I do which I get a big kick of. I know while I am working she is watching me on television.

However I digress. So the reason why I changed jobs and went back to where I was once before was instead of traveling about between working lunch at some place then going to the other place at night I wanted to work out of one spot. The down time and travel between lunch and dinner locations was tiresome. At least where I am I can be guaranteed up to 40 hours a week. The paycheck became a bit bigger.

The dining is higher end as well which helps out. For the time being I am pretty good there.

The other big thing for me was the radio show that aired on Mondays between August 31st to November 30th. That was wild. If you haven't heard of it or just want to check out the page you can do it by clicking on the link   http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2480/the-hospitality-industry-news-network  

I talked from people who were expertise in their field and it was a tremendous learning experience for me. What I did find out from people is they thought I had a great voice for radio. That was pretty neat I thought. Unfortunately it has come to an end as it was going to cost me some money to keep it going and with our Canadian loonie at 71 cents I see no point. The return on investment was not worth renewing the show. However it is archived and I will periodically return to it and let you know of some great shows I had the pleasure of broadcasting.

One exciting occurrence that came out of the show is I connected with a publisher who may re- release my book in 2016 or early 2017. This is still a maybe though but if it happens I will have a marketing machine helping me market my book. I just saw someone when we all went out for breakfast this morning and I had not seen him since he bought a book in the Spring. I said how was it going and he said he was busy catching up on some reading this book for the 4th time. I laughed cause I knew he was throwing one out there on my book. I asked if he liked it and he was laughing saying it was great. He also took my bar tending course when I taught it a few years back. It was a good feeling.

You know they say never stop promoting so for the last time this year if you want to check out the book here is the link for that one.   http://www.amazon.com/You-Only-Live-Once-Waiterextraordinaire/dp/1460238990/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1443712832&sr=8-4&keywords=Steven+Nicolle

It is available through other on line retail stores as well. Just shop around because some of the prices on line really fluctuate. I donate $1 toward Sick Kids foundation and I made a year end payment last week to bring my contribution up to date. So not only will you be flabbergast by my voyages but you will be giving to a good cause as well.

Well those are the big three this year. Job change, radio show, and the book news.

Tomorrow I will post about what I would like to see and do next year.

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