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Monday, December 7, 2015

How Many Tall Waiters or Bartenders Do You See Out There?

As I am entering my 57th birthday in a few months it has come to my attention as I last in this business that very few waiters or bartenders are as tall as I am. I am at 188 cms or about 6'2" which means when I bend down to pick something up or put something down I have to make sure I am very careful about it.

In other words bend my knees and do it slowly. The other night I worked with a 51 year old and his back is done for literally. He was in pain at the end of the night lugging beer bottles to set up a bar upstairs. I know because I have to wear a back support and an ankle support with gel pack right now to ease the strain on it from putting too much weight on it when carrying a load of plates.

Now I have a lower back problem but this morning when I got up my upper back got a jolt of pain. This is not the end of the world but I am hoping the upper back pain disappears because if it gets worse I cannot get up. Such is life at Christmas time.

At 35 I started to get back pain on the ship and was sent home for 6 weeks to recoup. I had the sciatic nerve go on me which is the longest nerve in the body that stretches from your lower back right down your leg. Check book.

So next time you are in a fine dining restaurant and you see these old guys fly around with their serving cloth tucked under their arm check their height. Probably about 5'8" to 6 feet tops.

The only advantage I have is to clear tables I have a long arm reach which is counterproductive to my back because I can bend over further than most thus aggravating the situation.


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