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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why It Makes Sense to Put People On a Wait

Some restaurants like to put people on a wait. As a waiter I never could figure out why when the restaurant looked half empty and my section was not full people who wanted a table were put on a wait.

Then I asked about that one time and I found out that it was due to the fact the kitchen needed some time to catch up as they just got hit hard. Now when you are working in a big restaurant with lots of tables it may not look busy to us the waiter but all it takes is some consecutive orders to come in from 15 different waiters and suddenly the kitchen is in the weeds.

Makes sense come to think of it. The other night I got hit with 5 tables in a row and then the kitchen got slammed. The guy at the door put the next table on a wait.

It makes sense too when the waiter is slammed going the other way.

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