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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Now Everybody Eats Out

Back when I was younger in the 60's and 70's people did not go out to eat that often. I remember as a kid once a week my Mom would take me to this restaurant in a shopping center for a Hot Chicken Sandwich. That was the treat of the week. A hot chicken sandwich with chicken gravy, green peas and french fries. It was something I looked forward to every week.

We never went out. Meals were always cooked at home and everyone helped with the dishes and taking out the garbage. That was it.

When I started bar tending and waiting on tables in the late 70's going out to restaurants was something only people with money did. They had the disposable income or company expense account so that they could afford to go out and eat. Eating out was a privilege for the very few.

This is why you had to have experienced waiters and bar tenders serving during this time because these people had money and would run up some pretty big bills. Lousy service was not accepted and not the norm either because during this time you had the gueridon ( table side service when the waiter used to finish cooking and plating the meal at your table ). Or making a caesar salad right in front of you. A lot of waiters came over from Europe having worked in a fine dining restaurant back home.

Nowadays everyone goes out and eats. The day of the family dinner at home has almost become extinct. There are too many. Restaurants of all kinds exists for any pocketbook. From $18 entrees somewhere to more expensive. The only thing though is that the restaurants with the $18 entrees are becoming plentiful whereas the finer dining restaurants are becoming less popular. What comes with that though is waiters and service staff do not need to obtain that much experience before being rushed into a full section. Just rush and get the food out. It is all about the volume.

Nowadays waiters simply are forced to do something they have to do till something else comes along better. With the $18 entree the average check is lower so the need to flip tables becomes all important. Details are missed and with families going out now parents are bringing children at an age that my folks would never have thought to take me to a restaurant.

Employers only want part time as opposed to when I started when it was full time.

The industry complains of lack of trained personnel available. Well with so many restaurants creates a high demand that can hardly be filled.

Maybe if people would just stop opening restaurants at a breakneck speed the industry will correct itself and have enough good people to go around. I doubt that will happen though.

I liked the old days back when I got started.

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