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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Moving People Through Their Meal Experience

Let's say it is a real busy night and I am running around after getting slammed. I got people who just sat down at a table and waiting for me to get over to them, I have drinks to make for another table, and I have to get another glass of wine for another table etc..etc..

What I do quite often is first of all you have to prioritize what is most important but secondly let's say I get that table their drinks. If I have to then take their order I tell them I will be right back I just have to do something first. Then I run like heck to get that other glass of wine because I know if I don't soon they will have already ate half their main course.

So what I am saying is do not spend too much time at one table when you have many things to do all at once. If you at least greet the table and get a drink order ( if they are ready ) or simply say hello and tell them the features move on after that. If a table is ready to order take the order if that is high priority but then go right away after to clear another table that needs to be cleared before ringing up the order.

All this helps your section move along quicker. In other words you can do a lot you just do not have to do it all at once. The goal is to simply take one step at a time on any given table in your section.

As long as you let the table know you will be right back that is the most important thing you can do. This way they are not feeling you left them in the lurch.

Control your section and do not let your section control you.

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