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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Sold An Extra Bottle of Wine Last Night - Here is How I Do It

Last night I was doing this party of 15 people. Some were from Europe and others from Canada and the U.S. They were drinking this Brunello that was going for $145 a bottle.

Just before they were getting their entree I poured what was left of the 3rd bottle. I topped pretty much everyone's glass up when I noticed to the right of the person who chose the wine this guy's wine glass was a little bit low.

I didn't top his up though. I emptied the decanter instead into the other guy's glass ( the wine chooser ). When the entree was served I asked the guy whose glass was low if he would like some more wine. Naturally he said yes and the guy beside him said to me I guess I better open up another bottle.

Now if I had filled his glass up I think everyone would have been happy with their amount. As it turned out I poured pretty much all the 4th bottle anyway.

Always if you can leave someone's wine a little short when topping up the wine and when the entree comes out the host almost always has to okay another bottle if there is one person at the table who needs more wine.

It worked for me last night...

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