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Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Am Keeping My Tables Aware of What is Going On

Whether you are in sales, a server in a restaurant, or in any other service profession the one thing I have always found helpful is letting people know what you are doing.

As a server in a restaurant it can sometimes become very hectic. You go from one table to another trying to do as many things as quick as you can.

Whether it is getting a drink, explaining the features, clearing, or taking an order you cannot do it all at once.

So what I do is usually one thing at a time. If I greet a table perhaps I will ask them if they want bottled water or just tap water to start. When they answer I say let me get that for you and get some bread and when I get back I will let you know what the features are.

This way you have told them exactly what you are going to do. They are not sitting there wondering what's coming next. While I do that I may then take a dessert order from a table or clear the plates away from another one. So when I go back to get the bread I am not going empty handed. Or I am entering a dessert order.

Then I go back to the table with bread and pour the water and give the features. At this point I ask them if they would like a beverage and then I do the same thing all over again. By the time I get back to them they should be ready to order.

I let people all the time know what I am going to do. I say things I will be right back and after they see me run out some hot food I get back to them. Or if they have already ordered appetizers when I go back to a table I tell them while their appetizers are being prepared can I take your main course order so I can remove the menus away so that they have more room when the appetizers come out. If they are reluctant I add do not worry I will make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy your appetizers etc. etc..

I do this so the guest has no surprises and it cuts down on complaints. Subtly you build a rapport with your guest. Sometimes all you do this for is to ask permission to leave the table and do something else higher on the priority list going on inside your head. Then get right back to them.

The less surprises the better is the way I like things to go.

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