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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Something for Nothing

Just the other day I had a guest walk in and ask for a rum and coke hard. He comes in quite often and the waiter who was serving him was asking me what that meant. I figured the guy just wanted a good pour. Well now I figured out what he meant.

When his co-worker asked for a double rum and coke I poured him a hefty one and he had two more. Then he gets the bill and says I see you charged me for a double. I said yes because it all has to be accounted for and he says something like if I poured him a double and charged him a single he usually leaves a bigger tip. I said sure okay just it doesn't matter.

Like if I went to Walmart to shop I get charged for what I buy right...?

Then later on someone comes in and says do you do anything for birthdays pointing at his wife or girlfriend and I say well if you order dessert we put a candle on it like I did for the other table beside him. Which is what he saw and thus the question.

Listen if it is a 50th anniversary or 100th birthday or something special I will do something especially if their bill is running into three digit numbers ahead of the decimal point but this guy is taking out his girl and asking what the price of the feature is etc...

As it was they just ordered a main course and left.

It is becoming more and more like that and why because a lot of restaurants think that by giving a dessert away they are doing something nice. Honestly what they are doing is training people like seals out there to expect something for free each time they go out.

Crazy and getting worse daily...

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