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Monday, October 5, 2015

A Great Show All About Nuts

Adam Rozen is definitely a successful entrepreneur who sees a vision and acts on it. His idea of matching flavored peanuts to match the taste of your favorite beer is a winner!

It didn't come without difficulty though but with the help of his team in place they experimented with different flavors to come up with the right flavor of peanut for the right beer. So now rather than eating salty unflavored peanuts or chips with your beverage at home or out,  now you finally have something to munch on that will enhance the taste of the beer you are drinking.

We have heard of matching wine with food now we finally have something that we can eat at at home that will go with beer. The product is all natural and neatly packaged so unlike a peanut bowl on a bar where everyone has stuck their finger in now you have something that taste good, healthy, and germ free!

If you missed the show it is archived on my web page. Catch his entrepreneurial passion for his idea!

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