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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Some Thoughts on the Radio Show So Far

Well this past Monday I had my first guests on the show. How exciting an hour that was! After the first show about the host (me) here I was interviewing guests for a whole hour.

One thing I noticed very quickly is as the interview went a long it became more of a conversation and less of a question and answer show. Then I thought about it after and most hour long shows on television or radio for that matter have a couple of guests at least and a cooking segment or something else to fill up the time.

Never on any show on this subject has anyone been able to promote their book or business in such a way. Imagine if you have a book to launch or starting out in business and you want exposure and you ask for an hour anywhere you would never get it.

But on the "Hospitality Industry News Network" you get that and it is all free publicity from the comfort of your home or office just talking on the phone!

So what a show and by the way if you have any guest prep packets out there and you are sitting on them you should send them back to me so I can book a show for you.

Voice America gets over 3 million listeners a month so jump on board and take advantage.

Talk to you soon!

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