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Monday, January 26, 2015

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You’ll only live once

World traveller says experiences are the spices of life


You Only Live Once chronicles Steven Nicolle's years as a waiter tending on people across Canada and through much of Europe and Asia. Copies can be purchased at stevennicolle.com

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James Matthews

An assumed big risk can sometimes pay off in rewarding and exciting ways.

That rang true for Orangeville resident Steven Nicolle when he set out in 1979 to find his place in the world and to make a life with only a Montreal bartending education. He plied his trade in provinces from Quebec to British Columbia and much of the United States. He created more possibilities for himself when he jumped across the pond and made his way throughout Europe and Asia and the Mediterranean before he eventually ventured back a piece to the Caribbean.

Nicolle’s exposure to places and people far afield set the foundation for what came to have been a rich career in hospitality, of all things.

His website bio indicates that, whether on land or sea, he served celebrities, wealthy travellers, and fellow nomads from all walks of life. Tasted both the bitter and the sweet along the way, and rode the ebb and flow of the 1980s and the turbulent 1990s. Throughout, Nicolle observed the changing world around him and contemplated introspective shifts.

Interested readers can check out his website at stevennicolle.com where copies of the book can also be ordered.

So much movement has afforded him a unique perspective that he’s shared in his recently-published memoir, You Only Live Once.

“Find out what you like to do and you won’t have to work for the rest of your life,” Nicolle said.

Nicolle was a 20-year-old bartender when he set out on the road in 1979. He spent the following 17 years essentially living out of a suitcase. Imagine one of those boxy spacious brown cases adorned with many stickers, scars and much character.

He’s worked on cruise ships and at restaurants, bars and pubs, and in kitchens the world over. Among the highlights: He spent two years in Switzerland and made his way to France and Italy. He worked the longest on cruiseship jaunts from 1992 until 1996.

Then he met the woman who would become his wife, unpacked the well-travelled suitcase, and settled into the domestic static life.

The experience has yielded an abundance of insight from the kind of lessons only life can teach. Through the 17-year odyssey of haphazardness, Nicolle weathered many ups and downs. He’s been flush and he’s been broke many times during his travels. The important thing, he said, is that he took the chance.

“You live once,” he said. “Money can be replaced. Experience is irreplaceable. Have some risk in life. It’s better to find out if something is possible than to wonder if it was possible. Instead of putting things off, do it now.”

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