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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Working Your Section Teaches You How to Organize Yourself

When you wait on tables and are really busy you need to be in control. You have to work smart not hard. Do what is most important first.

If a table just gets sat in your section after you greet them, go to the next table and get the dessert order, afterwards go clear a table of some plates.

I always when a table of mine gets food if they ask for steak sauce I will go get it but if I return and someone else at the table ask for something else then they go to the back of the line. I say okay I will get that for you. Then I go to the next table and take their order as long as I can take it quickly. After that I will get whatever the other table asked.

Because that other person should have told me the first time, I made them wait. As long as I don't forget after I take that other order to get what they asked for I am okay. I run the section, the section does not run me.

A lot of people should wait on tables then perhaps they will have greater success outside of work running their life instead of living each day in chaos. Other people just let others run their life. A waiter out of control is one who lets his section and the people eating in it control them.

Waiting on tables helps you learn self control and hopefully that streams down into your personal life.

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