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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Too Much Choice

I was watching a TED Talk a few weeks ago and there was this speaker whom I thought cleared a lot of things up.

He started to talk about before the internet and cable tv when the people had so few choices they actually could make a decision rather quickly.

For example, there usually was only one hockey game being televised locally at one time and not seven games like you have now. So now it is like which game do I watch? This leads to channel flipping and hopefully the viewer will not miss anything on the other channels while flipping back and forth. This can be stressful.

There use to be only a few big retailers. Now there are many. Where does one choose to shop?

A new Apple IPhone comes out and despite having a phone that works people have to line up to buy the newest one! Phones are not even used for talking anymore. Chat is a time waster so human conversation is out the window.

Choosing a restaurant can be stressful. If it has to be so stressful choosing where to eat maybe stay at home and cook for a change. Sit down with the family and get to know them.

A lot of people want to start something one day and end up browsing the internet till what they wanted to do is too late and is put off till another time. Office emails and searching the web cripples efficiency.

Kids cannot focus anymore. There are more diagnosis of ADD amongst kids not because they have inherited or developed it but because of all the distractions. TV, internet, chat, message, etc. They cannot sit still without being distracted. They give it a name but really it is too many choices.

So his point being that because people have so many choices to choose from they end up in a state of paralysis and end up making no decision at all. They jump from here to there everywhere.

There is too much choice so nothing gets done.

I am glad I remain in one of the industries that has face to face contact with people and moves quickly and decisions are rapid. People don't enjoy their meals as much though because they have to play with their electronics. Too bad people cannot relax anymore and enjoy a meal or each other's company.

What do you think?

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