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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If They Can Do It Why Not Us?

One thing our politicians can learn right here at home is to try something bold like what the Germans are doing. If they really want to make the future brighter for our children make it so that they all have an equal chance of going to University.Most parents are not putting any money away for their kid's education because of the higher cost of living anyway. The student ends up crippled with school debt.

You know all we need is a forward thinking government in control. Some leader who thinks out of the box.

Sure it will cost money but the system the way it is now is already costing money and not producing the results. Kids are not going to post secondary education because of the expense.

If something is working let's send someone over there to check it out. Copy them. Same with health care. Go to Switzerland and see how a health care system is run. Copy them. Let's not try to reinvent the wheel.Other countries are way ahead of us in health care and education.

As election year approaches it would be nice to have a leader dare to dream and run on an entirely new and exciting platform of hope for the youth in this country. All one leader has to do is do some homework by checking out how it could be done and run on that one single election promise.

Get people excited and out to vote. Rather than the same old..same old.

You Only Live Once

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