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Friday, October 3, 2014

Avoid Campers Sitting Around After Paying the Bill

If you think you have a table that is going to be sitting around a long time after they pay then do this. Nearly all the time this works.

Always wait until they have finished their dessert completely before removing it and ask them, "Would you like anything else?" If they say no then present them with the bill.

If you do not let them tell you no then they really haven't consented to leaving anytime soon. After they say no give them the bill asking  them if they will be paying by debit or credit card. Then say you will be back shortly with the machine.

In Canada we have the hand held swipe that we bring to the table which makes this real easy.

If they still insist on sitting there for a bit after don't be afraid to go up to them and ask them, "Are you sure I cannot get you anything?" When you say this look at them sincerely and kind of odd at the same time lowering your voice when you reach the word anything. After all they did say, "NO."

It is my why are you still here look.

The last one takes some posture so practice it at home with some friends or in front of the mirror. If you do this right they will get up and leave.

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