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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to Always Make the Right Decision and a New Video

I once spent for me what was a lot of money at the time to listen to a motivational speaker and coach talk about what it took to be a success.

Now what he said at the time probably taught me more than about becoming a success. After all a success can be anything you consider a success. It doesn't have to be financial.

He said that in order to make a decision about something,  you had to grade it at 90 or above. In other words if you were not sure and you graded it about a 60 then it would be wise to say no.

Many people make a decision to do something not rating how strongly they felt about it. If you found a penny on the ground would you walk by it or pick it up?

If it was two dollars would you pick it up? In a lot of cases we would just walk by the penny and not pick it up but the two dollars for sure nearly all of us would pick it up.

If someone ask me they want to try this dinner to see what it is like rather than the same thing all the time what should they do? I always ask them what do they really want to do. I say this dinner they want to try is really good but you like this one you always have. What do you want to do? In most cases they will always order what they had before. That is okay because I know they will be happy but one day they will order the other entree. It just wasn't a ninety or more on the scale that day.

We are creatures of habit. We stick with what we know.

If you want to make a change it has to be 90 or above on your scale. You have to be ready and excited about making that change. If it is less than 90 stick with the status quo. This way you will always be happy.

Don't change for the sake of change. Change cause you have a burning desire to change.

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