Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Here is the Secret to Being a Happy Waiter

The secret to being a happy waiter is low expectations.

Expect to make very little and you will always be pleasantly surprised. If a table rips you off by under tipping don't worry about it or fret. You had low expectations to begin your shift anyway.

Usually a waiter who works without any thought of making much money will have a night that will run smoother and be steady rather than riding that emotional roller coaster.

You will find that each night will turn out better than expected. So that next table you are serving that doesn't look great, give the good service and joke with them then watch your better than expected tip arrive.

It is karma. Good things always happen when you least expect them.

Actually expect less in life period then you will always get that pleasant surprise.

If you expect too much you will always be disappointed.

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