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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Career vs. Family

It's a funny thing but the choices you have to make in the restaurant industry like any other industry is quite apparent especially as I get older with a young family.

When I met my wife on the cruise ship I was making more money that any other time in my life. Then when we married we did a lot of things and there were times I made a lot of money and other times when I hardly made anything.

I know I could have gone on to bigger and bigger things in the industry after the ship but when we had two beautiful boys I made the choice that being able to have a flexible schedule was more important than having to lead a brigade of personnel on every holiday moment. Missing important events all for the cause of having to be there all the time for every holiday, or missing parent teacher interviews, or having to work on the child's birthday etc..

My wife and I work as a waiters. It is not easy sometimes with the varying level of gratuities at certain times of the year but the places we work offer that flexibility that makes the trade off very worthwhile.

My son is back at Sick Kids now and both our employers have said take as long as you need off work as we both need now some flexibility in our schedule. My wife off work indefinitely ( couple of weeks probably ) and I if I need the night off suddenly am free to head to the hospital should anything occur.

I doubt at most places I or my wife would get that same treatment. People are great where we are. We are not the only ones who make the restaurant tick. There is no fuss like we need you to work tonight going on. The ship isn't going to sink. Tend to what is important and nothing is more important than what goes on underneath your roof.

In the restaurant industry where one can log many hours I have been lucky to be able to balance work and family. In most cases I think in the restaurant industry it leans a lot to work for most people being there all the time.

It is just my thought for the day. What do you think?

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