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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Always Have a Core Group

In order to be an effective leader you have to know who are the people you can count on. You cannot lead the gang all by yourself. You cannot expect loyalty unless you the leader gives the loyalty back.

The core group are the ones who are your go to people. You find out what they want and you give them what they want. These are your full timers. They are the ones who want to work 5 nights and a couple of lunches a week. Let's say there are about 10-12 of them. You do whatever you can to accomodate them. They're the ones who will get your back if you are in the deep end. What I mean by that is if you need them to work late or come in early they do it for you. In return you give them what they need. They have an urgent situation you give the time they need. They make a mistake you cut them some slack within reason. You become loyal to them and they will eat out of your hand literally.

Then you have the tier 2 group. They are the ones due to availability or whatever reason they can give you only 3 shifts a week and maybe a lunch. But they are consistent and trustworthy. You work with their schedule and pretty sure they are going to show up and do a nice job. They can count on you and because of that they are happy.

Then the tier 3 group are the ones who want to work a night a week usually your Friday and/or Saturday. They have a regular job but like to come in and make some money and stay for a beer after work or maybe just head home. You sometimes have a turnover higher in this group because a lot of the time they are busy with events on weekends etc.. Sometimes some of these people can only work the same night every week. That is okay too when scheduling.

The core group I like to call them has to make up 50% of your department. The second tier about 30% and the last group about 20%.

You find out what makes your core group tick. You take care of them financially and emotionally. You both have each other's back.

The tier 2 group pretty much the same thing. The only difference is because of their limited availability you have to favor the core group over them when it is a toss up. They probably are attending school or another part time job.

The tier 3 group are expendable but if they are dependable a good addition to any department.

Knowing your team can make schedule making a whole lot easier and put an end to interviewing for new people on a weekly basis. One of the questions I would ask in an interview would be phrased like the following; We are looking for a couple of key people on our team, what is your availability? Then depending on their answer you give them a slot. Tier 1 or core group, tier 2 or tier 3. Assuming their experience as well. They would have to have some experience working a section.

The whole point of this post is a manager has to build up that team and treat them like gold. If not everything becomes tatters.

It is like a juggling act and the manager has to manage a fluid situation at all times but knowing who your core group is what lets you sleep at night..

Steven Nicolle is the author of "You Only Live Once." His story of work related experiences.

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