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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Get the Order In

When you are busy and running around the best thing you can do in a very high volume casual fine dining restaurant is take the order asap.

When I was working in Terminal 3 at Fionn MaCools in the Toronto International Airport we had these huge sections. As you can well imagine people at the airport when they go in for a bite to eat have to catch a plane afterwards.

There was no busser and the hosts were too busy to help so people would be sat down at a table that was sometimes just cleared of plates and not yet wiped down and refreshed with new roll ups. If they came in quickly like that and ready to order I took their order anyway. Then punch the order in and get their drinks going and bring a wet cloth and roll ups with me back to the table.

As long as that order was taken I figured now it was in the kitchen's hands and it was their turn to work their magic.

That might be an exaggeration using an airport environment where everything has to be sped up. But even where I am now if I get slammed and the table is ready to order I take everything. It is not fine dining and do not pretend it to be. You can see the guests salivating when you greet them. They don't care how it arrives as long as it gets to them quick.

Sometimes I take the order and punch in the drinks first. Then the bread and after the appys. Sometimes the bread is out before the drinks. It is not right but for people these days the vast majority just want to eat something quick.

Dining has changed over the years. Yes you get some people who want everything to arrive in order. They want to take their time and it is refreshing to see this but for the most part it is how quick can they eat and get outta here cause they have other things to do.

It is unfortunate that people are in so much a hurry.

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