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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More on Campers

With labour costs skyrocketing as well as the cost of goods and energy prices going through the roof anything I say that may help a waiter leave earlier saving the company a bit of money can't hurt right?

Well when two ladies are sitting there and they are talking and you know they have finished eating here is what I say. In a very casual friendly way I ask, "How is everyone doing here?" And when I say that I will leave my voice hanging a second or two.

I did that in sales a lot when you wanted to find out an objection to answer to.

Saying this is open ended and what you usually get is a small banter of conversation thus warming up to the person. This makes it easier for you to say will that be all then and them saying yes bring them the bill.

Always when you want people to leave ask an open ended question. If you ask them a yes or no question they will answer and you are no where after. Back to where you started.

Be a pro and learn the nuances of getting people to pay. Have fun with it.

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