Lookin' Good at 58

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Don't Run Around

You know what happens. You deliver a meal to your table and they want something that doesn't come with the meal. So you feel you have to run back and get it for them.

Listen if it is something that should have been on the plate in the first place and was missed I will run back. But if they ask for something that didn't come with the meal I make them wait. Instead of running back like a chicken with my head cut off I will go to another table that is waiting to see me and take an order or clear a table.

Then when I get back and punch the order in or give the dirty dishes to the dish pit I will bring out what the guest wanted.

As long as you remember and don't forget it is never a problem. I make them wait.

I am a waiter not a servant. The guest has to value my time as well. I don't have a 1 table section..

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