Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Little Fun with the Guest

So this couple comes in and I am taking their order. The guy says he wants his steak cooked Medium Rare and the lady says she wants her steak Medium.

So I say back to the guy, so you want your steak Medium Rare? I figure it is good  to double check because usually if a couple is ordering a steak unless one emphatically says he or she wants their steak well done they almost always have it cooked to the same temperature.

Anyway he replies back yes Medium Rare at which point the wife blurts out you like it Medium. He says really and she says yes he does.

He then apologizes to me and changes his to Medium.

When he does apologize I return back that there is no need to apologize to me I didn't know how he liked his steak done that is why I asked....

Get it? Well they got it anyway and laughed.

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