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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

$1 Of Purchase Price Will Be Donated

As someone who has followed my blog over the past few years you may remember last year when my oldest son was in the hospital for a month with a ruptured appendix that caused a hole in his intestine. He was toxic for 10 days because unbeknown to us he was walking around with a ruptured appendix that was numbed by the small intestine wrapped around it causing a bowel obstruction.

Well anyway he is all back to normal and leading a productive life. We are thankful for this.

I decided back then that when I got this book published I would donate $1 of each purchase to this well known facility.

Today is the first day as of about 6 hours ago.

The book is called, "You Only Live Once." It is about my time travelling around between the years 1979-1996. It begins at the time leading up to the Bartending Course through all the years when I found myself in a whole bunch of different places. Traveling around and being broke a lot of the time yet having a great time experiencing life. Good times and bad it was all worth it.

In yesterday's post I provided a link so you can read of it. Now it is available for purchase directly from the publisher at  http://www.friesenpress.com/bookstore/title/119734000011924933

In the following couple of weeks it will be available on Amazon, ITunes, Kobo, Nook, Kindle so if you choose to purchase the book at that time I will be letting you know when that service is available.

In the meantime I will be keeping track of how much I raise and passing it along here on this blog so you can keep track with me. As well I will be getting out there and promoting the book.

I want to thank you for reading and keeping in touch. Everyone has been instrumental in helping me write this book. Your encouragement has been sensational.

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