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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Would You Like A Salad With That?

A question I often ask a guest when they order a steak is would they like a salad with that. It is not just trying to up sell the average cheque but if they do take the salad I can turn it into a better value dinner. This way they actually get more for less.

So I asked the question the other day and the person says does it come with a salad? I said yes I can make it like this so you can get more for less without going in greater detail. I am sure you know what I mean as each place such as McDonald's for instance always add would you like fries with that. Getting the combo cost less than buying everything separate.

At the end of the meal they then explain because now they are confused they didn't in fact want the salad.

So my question is this. Irregardless of what savings of price, or greater bang for their buck value they were given, Why would you want a salad and order it then eat it then get the bill and say you didn't want the salad in the first place?

In the end they got the salad taken off and saved $5. Then they paid their $325 bill with cold hard cash and left an 8% tip.


It reminds me of the time a few years back when this guy was trying to impress his girlfriend by ordering two of our most expensive cognacs. Are you sure I said and he said yes bring it on. So I brought over the trolley and poured 2 1oz Louis XIII  at $120 each. When he got his bill I got the 8% tip. Well if you order something expect to pay it. Imagine if this guy decided he didn't want it after seeing the bill!

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