Lookin' Good at 58

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quality Check

I will usually do one quality check once a table has gotten their entrees. If they say everything is fine I will not ask them again. If they have left a lot on their plate when they have finished I will never ask again if everything is alright but instead ask if they want it packed to go. 

If you ask again if everything is alright then they will come up with something and then you have to back track and buy the meal for them or give them something for free.

If they cannot tell you if something is wrong let it go. If they tell me everything is fine I take their word for it. Don't be a mind reader.


Krystal said...

This certainly doesn't make it sound like you are one to post in 'waiter extraordinare'. As a server and a diner, I know how to read body language, because people could feel uneasy saying something because of who they are with or wanting to not cause a scene. Or prehaps they have given up on finding a server who gives a crap about their experience, because they have had the unfortunate luck of getting a server like you all of the time. I pride myself on turning a bad experience around for a guest (and not always by comping the food, people skills go a long way here too, mind you) and still wind up with a fat tip, simply for showing I care about my guest.

Steven Nicolle said...

Krystal...thank you for your comment. I couldn't agree more but I don't think I mentioned anywhere that I didn't give a crap about giving good service. I will always try to give my best service to each table. However if they have told me that everything is fine and then at the end of the meal they speak up I will say that I wish they had told me back when I asked them how their meal was. I don't look for anything bad after they have said everything is good. That is why I always am surprised and then disappointed that they didn't like their food and didn't tell me. Why always like you if I understand correctly looking for the negative if they have leftovers. Maybe they are just full. Besides I never mentioned it was a bad experience. In that case I would know about it and turn it around as you suggest. Anyways thank you and you sound like a very good waiter..