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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Would You Work For This Guy?

Recently I received a letter in my inbox from a server working in New Brunswick. It is unfathomable how some restaurant owners try to pull one over on someone who is new to the country. Read the letter below he sent and feel his pain.
thank you, I’m from Tunisia and working as waiter in a Mediterranean restaurant in new Brunswick and though I've been 20 months in Canada I still don’t know anything about my rights in tips, so I tell you what happen, the owner told us me and the other waitress to put the daily tips in an envelope then leave it in drawer and after a while (it could takes 4 weeks sometimes) he count it and gives 40% to kitchen and 60% to waiters (that's what he says but I'm sure he take a small part for his restaurant and his wife works with us so she get her part as well) and when I did asked him why he said that what called Tipping out,
-so does the tipping out works like that?
-and what should I know about the tips, according to your experience (anythings may gives me reason to defend my rights in tips) ?
-what’s the main purpose of giving tips to waiter ?


Super Server said...

That is an outrage and strait up thievery. He's paying the owner to work for him..

Steven Nicolle said...

Super Server...I would definitely say so!

πιτ said...

i live and work as a waiter 12 years in Greece,i believe this problems should be solve with the old fashion way! find your syndicate near your area and press charges against him,its easy and suitable for thieves like your employer!!
people exploitation should stop!!

Steven Nicolle said...

rrr...no union here...