Lookin' Good at 58

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Really I Want to Drink My Girls' Wine First

The other night I get this couple. She says she is looking for a blush wine that is a white zinfandel and isn't dry. I point out that we have what she is looking for. She says may I have a taster first. I said sure but I can guarantee you this is the wine you mean.

She smiles and seeing my conviction says okay I will take a glass. Her boyfriend or husband  then asks if he can have a taster first. I then ask is it the same wine?

He says yes it is the same one. Well I said why don't you try hers' she has ordered it.So I bring over hers' and I pour some in her wine glass. He then takes her wine glass and gulps a couple of ounces down.

Yes he says I will have the same...

Really now! The exact wine that his wife wanted and ordered he wanted the same thing but he had to try his wife or girlfriend's first just to make sure.

What a risk taker!

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