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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Waiting on Tables is Like Sparring To a Prize Fighter

Okay I know this sounds odd so let me explain. One time I saw an interview on television with George Chuvalo the greatest Canadian heavyweight fighter of all time.

When asked if all the punches to his face hurt a lot and was he afraid of long term problems down the road here was what he answered. He said that the more punches he took to the head the better able he was to not feel the pain. He reasoned that when he didn't spar for a while when he got back in the ring the first few punches he took to the face would hurt a lot but after getting hit multiple times the pain lessened cause his body and face became conditioned to it. Like doing sit ups to strengthen your abs.

This is one reason he fought a lot because his body was conditioned to fight and take the punches. No one ever knocked out George Chuvalo during his many fights.

Well waiting on tables is the same thing. When you are busy all the time you get used to it. But when it is slow for a while like a few days when it gets busy you have to get into gear again and get your mind moving. In other words pick up the pace.

A good waiter has to be busy or he or she can become lethargic and slow. Like a fighter who spars a lot  you got to be taking the tables and serving all the time to stay sharp. Get in front of as many faces as you can.


Workers Write said...

Hi Steve,
I just came across your awesome blog. Great reading! I edit WorkersWrite, a website that showcases the stories workers tell about their working lives. I'd like your permission to reprint on our website "Waiting on Tables is Like Sparring To a Prize Fighter." Of course, we would credit you, and link back to your site. Please let me know if that would be okay. Thank you!

Rose Imperato
Editor, WorkersWrite

Steven Nicolle said...

Hello Rose,

Glad you like the blog. By all means be my guest be happy to.