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Sunday, October 20, 2013

A True Story

I was reading in the newspaper just the other day about one of the best known pianist in Canada who was doing a recital at the University of Miami last week. In his 70's he was down there as a guest.

So he starts his piano recital of one of Beethoven's works and halfway through he begins repeating the same part of his recital over and over again. The audience is wondering what is going on and then this music professor from the University of Miami gets up to go and speak with him. Putting his hand on his shoulder the pianist looks at him like he doesn't recognize him. He says he will be alright then starts playing again the same notes over and over again.

Finally some people get up and show him to his seat in the front row or else I guess he just would have kept playing. About 15 minutes later the paramedics who I guess they called arrived to take him to the hospital where he is undergoing some tests.

Some people I have mentioned this to say he might have been suffering a stroke. Anyway I hope everything will be fine.

Then I began to wonder how if the same thing happened to a waiter how it could play out. The waiter goes to the table to take a coffee order then proceeds to get the coffee and does it over and over again until the table is wondering what is going on and the manager has to come over and gently take the waiter away.

Man that must have been weird sitting in the audience watching this occur.

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