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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Bartending Course is Cancelled Again

Only one registered for the upcoming bartending course that was scheduled to begin this coming Monday. Disappointed but not surprised this is the 4th semester in a row that we have failed to get the minimum amount of people to get a class started.

I have to say this time around I noticed the lack of awareness the school was putting out letting people know that there was an upcoming course. Perhaps they just wanted to drop the course.

There is another college in town that may go for the idea. I am not terribly missing teaching the course but I cannot believe there can be that lack of interest. Orangeville is city of 30,000 so finding 6 should not be a problem.

Although there may be a total lack of interest in pursuing this field that so badly needs people to fill the positions. If in North America, and I am saying this because I believe this shortage of people to fill positions is rampant on both sides of the border, we do not set higher standards to become a professional bartender and waiter then no one will ever be interested in pursuing this as a career option.

If you go for Chef Training now those courses are full because to be a Chef that is something and people look upon that as a career choice. But a waiter pffttt...

Make everyone who wants to become a waiter/bartender take a course as a pre requisite. Not only will it help you know your skill better but the employer will have to pay you more and work with you better.

You see for things to change things have to change. If the perception is you are a waiter or bartender and you will always work for nothing because you have no accreditation then that will always be the case.

Knowledge is power but putting that knowledge to work is even more power. Arm yourselves people. Take a course and learn then get that good job and make yourself more valuable than the others. Work in the best spots. That is the only way you will ever get by in the future. Trust me...


SkippyMom said...

Until they change the laws in the States, no one will pay the servers more. Accrediation or not.

I just wish servers received the respect they deserved. Pay would be nice, but if we didn't have to deal with the bullshit in the BOH and the customers crud in the FOH for a living wage [tips] perhaps it would BE a respectful job.

Sorry. I am tired of *Chefs* feeling they are supreme being because of a piece of paper. Waitering takes skill and perseverance. It can be taught, but it takes a special person to serve the public the food those artistes think they are cooking. Sigh.

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...totally right! You rock as usual. Thank you for the comment SkippyMom..