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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sowing the Seed Today For Tomorrow and Giving Back

Recently my oldest son who is back home after spending a month at Sick Kids with a ruptured appendix and twisted intestine causing a bowel obstruction started his Level 6 Piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music. No small feat for an 11 year old.

The practice the teacher said he has to put in now is about 40 minutes a night. A big jump from the 20-25 minutes a night. The songs he is learning now are 4 pages in length. What I am amazed about is how much he knows.

I said to him that this is the big leagues now and this is what will take to get through this level. Trying to draw an equivalent for him I used working as a waiter as a comparison.

In the early levels he could get by with doing 10 minutes a night and learning all he needed to know. There wasn't much homework. But now to be really good will require some determined practice. In other words it wasn't going to be a walk in the park. But the payoff in mastering this skill and self confidence will be worth the time put in.

As a waiter if I go into work and there are no tables then it is easy but I make no money. When it is busy then it requires of me some focus, thought, and organization to succeed. But that is when I make some money.

Anyone can do something easy but few when it gets harder are willing to pay the price.

Later when he gets into High School he will be ready for the onslaught of homework that will surely come with it and further on when higher levels of corresponding education brings with it even more assignments.

The ability to do something difficult and see it through would be a great accomplishment. Even if he never proceeded further in piano. At a young age to do that would be something few can boast of. 

I know for me looking back I never finished anything when I was younger. I would start and never finish. I did the minimum. Just enough like so many others at a young age. The 70's was the hippie generation coming right after the 60's. Let's just get through high school. The parents were partying. Even my Mother admitted to me a couple of weeks ago those Air Canada dances she went to she smoked the grass. Here I am thinking maybe that is why I never finished anything because there wasn't any bars set for me by anyone. It is not uncommon.

With that experience of having my son in Sick Kids for a month and seeing what goes on there made me think of doing something great. This book I am working on for each book I sell I will donate $2 of it to the Sick Kids Foundation. These young kids get sick and it isn't even their fault. When we are older we drink and eat the wrong things, smoke, or just get fat then we get sick and it is our own fault. These kids through no fault of their own get off to a bad start.

My son is good now. We just need to go back next week to get this hole closed up on his stomach.Then he is in the clear. But there are others who are in there constantly.

It is time to do something great. Give back. In the new year look for this book. You will definitely see me on your tv channel news plugging the book. It will be great. Let's raise thousands!

It'll be great.

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