Lookin' Good at 58

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quiz Question of the Day

I don't really have anything to say so here is a quiz question for you.

How many sub-regions are designated for growing the grape varieties that go into making Armagnac in France?

How many grape varieties are used to make Armagnac?

A hint is both answers are the same number.

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Joe Sixtop said...

allright bro, since you asked, I signed in JUST to answer your question! Yes, Sweetie DID get a smartphone from me, I'll try and tell more of the story soon. O what? You had a DIFFERENT question? Something that might actually help a restaurant employee to know? OK Idk the answer and I didn't look it up. I'm going to say less than three, probably one and that the grape is considered a white one although there MAY be some red if the answer is two. I'm counting on you to tell answer on here soon!