Lookin' Good at 58

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Had a Weird Dream Last Night

I was working in this outdoor restaurant and it was my first day and the host sat me in all four corners of the restaurant. Having received no training on where even the table numbers were I proceeded to wander lost throughout the whole service.

One time I was sat a deuce and they said they wanted to wait before ordering. Then I was sat a 2 at a table of 10 who were waiting on the others to arrive.

While I am walking around lost I was sat another table. Then in the food area the deuce that wanted to wait one of them was chasing me down cause she wanted a candle at their table as it was getting dark. I brought the candle over and at that time was figuring they were ready to order. Then at that moment someone delivers their entree to them. Oh you have ordered I inquired. Yes we have they replied.

Then that 2 at the 10 top still waiting for the others to arrive see me and run over to tell me that it may be a couple more hours before everyone gets there.

At this moment I realize I am about the only waiter left and I haven't even served a table. I head to the office where the manager is and she tells me that this is not going to work and sends me home. In fact I get a scolding for being so ill prepared. It was like I couldn't function or think properly anymore. I was in a daze all night.

I had a fear that I was losing it and getting dementia.

Then I woke up...

I think this dream is linked to my Mother's failing memory.....

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