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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When You Gotta Go You Should Go

So I drop my youngest son off to soccer camp at 9AM to have a good friend of ours pick him up at noon. This so I can head  down the highway to Toronto to Sick Kids Hospital. I figured I wouldn't be seeing him till Sunday so with my last day off before heading back tomorrow night to work I wanted to see him and my wife whose birthday happens to be tomorrow.

Traffic the first half hour is moving nicely but as I am drinking my coffee by bladder starts to fill up. Then on this overpass from one highway to another the movement of cars grind to a halt.

It is really slow. Ten or fifteen minutes passed and there was still this bottleneck. To my left there is the lane that is used to pull cars over and park while they are waiting to be towed or whatever.

I am thinking should I or shouldn't I? I have another 45 minutes left to go and there is no way I can hold this much longer. The service lane to my left has about a 1/4 mile left. I see vegetation and small trees with branches.

Fuck it! I put on my 4 way flashers and pick my spot. Park the car and head to the underbrush where I relieve myself. About 30 seconds later I am heading back to my vehicle and rejoin the traffic.

Lucky I did too cause just 5 minutes later there was more traffic.

Hey nothing wrong with having a quick pee when you need one! Wherever you are...

Would you have held it or ran out in the bushes like I did?

If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere of course you would have or would you?

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