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Monday, August 19, 2013

Post Number 4 - Here Are Two Good Questions To Ask In an Interview

Here is the fourth most popular post of the first 1000. This was done October 2, 2009. I have always been pretty good at doing interviews and unless you ask the right questions sometimes when you get that waiting job you find out maybe that job is not going to pay the bills after all. If you want to know how much you should make you should ask these two questions. From their answer you can calculate your tips on a weekly basis.
So here is post #4 at 1031 page views.

A lot of the times when waiters go for an interview we go to places without trying to figure out how much we may actually make in that place. Unless the place is super busy all the time and we needn't worry about whether it will fill our pockets and sustain us and pay our bills , we have to know about how much we can be expected to earn.

If you ask your interviewer how much you can earn there he will avoid telling you cause he or she may not actually know or want to tell you. He will probably add it depends how good you are.

So this is what I suggest a waiter to ask.

1. What is the average guest's check? Is it $35 dollars , $50 dollars , $25?

2. How big is the section you will be working and how many covers can you be expected to do on the average each night? If the interviewer says your section will be on the average no less than 12 people turning it over two to three times nightly then you can figure out how many covers you can expect to do. 12 x 2.5 = 30 covers

So let's say you will do and I will low ball it and say 25 covers x $35 = $875

Then take the $875 and divide by 15% = About $130

Also ask about tip out , and then what is left is what you should be expecting to take home.

If the manager cannot give you average check answers and answer questions about your section and expected covers you would serve he is either dumb and stupid and doesn't know anything about his business or he is hiding something.

Depending on one's obligations it is just best to know how much you can make before anything else.

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