Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Never Waste a Minute

I work in a restaurant where when people sit down they pretty much know what they want. Let's say a table of 4 sits down. You go over and greet them and they are almost ready to order except for one.

So what I do is take their drink order while the last one decides. I punch up their drinks and instead of waiting for them I go back with water. By that time the fourth one is ready so I say while I am waiting for your beverages let me take your order.

I take the order and go back and punch the food order in then I deliver the drinks that are waiting for me. By this time the bread is coming and then the salads right after.

Never waste a minute. If you work in a busy restaurant always use each available minute to get that order as quick as possible into the kitchen.

Never waste a minute.

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