Lookin' Good at 58

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Pretty Much Done Drinking

Yes you heard it here first. On July 31st when I drank two Buds at home I decided to see if I could stop drinking period.

I have a few reasons why I have decided to basically cut off from drinking alcohol. The first is I went to the doctor and as has been the problem for the past few years that I can remember my spleen has been bigger than it should be so the doctors want to monitor it.

Now I don't know since when it has been a big size but I figure since the spleen works together with the liver to see if it goes back to it's normal size I am not taking any alcohol to see what happens. They say my spleen is working to hard and that is why it is big. So maybe excluding alcohol from my diet will help ease it's workload. A spleen you can lose but if you can save it why not.

Bottom line is the doctor wants to monitor it. I hate that shit so if I quit drinking maybe it will just get smaller and there will be less "monitoring".

As well I have noticed that the only reason I quaff a beer down is to quench my thirst. Lately though I haven't been enjoying beer as much. I just seemed to be taking one or two out of habit. When I go into the beer store I have trouble deciding on what kind of beer I want. Dark, amber, light, or wheat I can't make up my mind. So instead of just going for any beer to basically quench my thirst I am drinking fruit juices, water, or chocolate milk.

The one thing if you do want to quit something you have to replace it with something else.

So I have the quench for thirst replaced. That is important but what about the taste factor? On Saturday the 10th after work I decided I would have one beer. I drank it and walked away. It didn't taste all that great. I didn't go, Gawd I really missed this!

So right now I have to say I am done. I know some of you don't believe me but here is another reason. Lately when I have been drinking a couple of beers I really haven't been feeling all that great. It is weird but I think now is the time to stop before something happens.

Now I have never been an alcoholic but I have drank a fair bit over the years. Like consistently night after night. With the spleen and possible liver damage it is time to leave it. Any damage has been over the years and especially when I was younger. Not now but as if you drive a new car recklessly later on it will show the wear and tear.

Aside from that I am pretty cheap. The cost of beer and wine is going up and up. So is the cost of living.

So here are my big 3 reasons.

1. My health.
2. I can replace alcohol with something else.
3. It is getting expensive.

Another thing too is the doctor said I could still have a drink but maybe just once a week. Listen if I can only have one drink a week I may as well quit.

I will let you know how I progress and future spleen ultrasounds. It is my day off and not going anywhere near alcohol. That is a good sign of future things to come.

So there you go.......


Joe Sixtop said...

If it makes U feel any better, you're not alone; I haven't consumed any alcohol in over 2 years....
Cheers, ________-Joe

Steven Nicolle said...

Joe Sixtop... Wow! Didn't know that. Any reason?

Joe Sixtop said...

Was getting rough on my spleen!

Steven Nicolle said...

Joe Sixtop...well that is good to know. Then I should do this and see what happens.

KayaWilson said...

Congratulations to cleaner living!

Steven Nicolle said...

Kayla Wilson...Thanks!

Joe Sixtop said...

ha ha, my spleen is OK as far as I know (remember, I'm American; we don't go to drs here). I tried to comment the real reasons twice and Google deleted them both times so I just said that about spleen cause you did. Real reasons: It's a protest against War on Drugs and I find that even a moderate amount of alcohol can make me feel sluggish later + it's easier for me to just not drink it than to watch how much I have! Congrats on #1000, I think I'll quit after about 100, maybe not. Anyway, cheers and best wishes to you and your family!

Steven Nicolle said...

Joe Sixtop...okay and thanks on the congrats. You will do more than a 100 for sure.

SkippyMom said...

Good for you. I just don't have a taste for it anymore either. Maybe in college - oh, 30 years ago? [Dang I'm old. hee] but now? Meh. Pooldad will have an occasional beer but the smell just makes me, well...yuck.

I know you can do this. And yes. The monitoring. Yeesh. I feel like I should just donate ALL of my blood to the lab I have so much blood work done. [That made no sense whatsoever, but hey! It's me. When do I ever. hee]

Take care. And here's to a happier spleen.

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...Yeah drinking is pretty much a thing of the past already. Going to drink some energy drinks once we get back into a normal routine. First time in a month we have been all under one roof. Adam came home yesterday.