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Monday, August 26, 2013

If the Guest Says the Wine is Bad You Should Try It

Last night I poured a bit of red wine for the guest who ordered it and he said it was fine. So I followed that by pouring the red wine in the other 5 glasses.

A few minutes later the guy calls me over and says one of his guest doesn't like the wine. She says it tastes sour. Sort of surprising that a few minutes later after he had tasted the wine and said it was fine that someone else would say it is sour. I am thinking if it is sour they would be spitting this wine back into the glass pretty quick.

He then asks me to try the wine. I did and there was nothing wrong with it. She says no I drink this wine and it never taste like this. She wants another bottle now to which I reply it will probably taste the same.

Wisely when I return with another bottle they in the short time changed their mind and ordered a different kind of red. She tried it and liked it much to my relief.

So the next time if someone says the wine is off at least for your own knowledge you should try it and not run back just to replace the bottle. Especially if there was nothing wrong with the wine you may end up opening a bunch of bottles just to satisfy someone whose taste buds may be off that moment.


SkippyMom said...

I have a question Steve.

What if you're a waiter who doesn't drink wine? I, myself, think all wine tastes icky [I should grow up in about. . .oh, 6,7 years. hee] But I honestly wouldn't know an "off" wine from a wine that was fine.

What would you suggest there? I don't have an aversion to alcohol, I just wouldn't know if they people were being truthful or in this case a snobby know it all like the woman.

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...just get someone who drinks wine to try it.There is always someone available usually who knows about wine working the shift. That is what I would do anyway.