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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Table of Two Beasts

The other night I walk into work and was told not one or two minutes later I was sat. Okay I said I will get right on it and after checking my section and where it was I scurried over to the table.

It was a mother and daughter who were gazing at the menu when I got over to greet them. I said hello and the mother says to me hardly acknowledging my words, where are the steaks? Okay I said they are right here pointing to about 3/4 of the menu.

I make a suggestion because I think I know where this is going. The sirloin is quite tasty I said pointing to the item. Meanwhile I ask if they would like a beverage. The daughter ask if we carry Orange Crush. No I am afraid not ma'am but we do have Root Beer I said. Then she says okay give me a Pepsi. The Mom just wants water.

I get that and bring it over the table. The Mom ask what was that steak again and I repeated it and she orders it well done. I ask if she wants a salad. The daughter says Mom go ahead and get the salad. She gets the salad. The daughter is not eating.

Confused and a bit bewildered to start off the evening I punch in the order. Before the Mom even gets her salad the daughter calls me over who is not eating and says do you think we can get the steak to go now because we have to be somewhere very soon.

I replied back a well done steak will take about 15-20 minutes. I said why not have the salad now while you are waiting for your steak. I hurry over with the salad and bread. They eat.

The packed up steak comes out quick and then it is payment time. I hurry over with the machine. At that moment I am triple sat and one table needs to be out quick cause they are going to a play. So I want to get rid of this table. The daughter opens up her wallet which has about 20 credit cards in it. I see Visa and MC at the top but she is digging deeper. She goes through the pile twice. My other tables have their menus closed and ready to order.

Now while she is looking the Mom opens the take out container and starts eating her steak. Finally I get their payment then they want to take some bread home with them. I run to get the bread. They sit there a few more moments and she eats her steak from the take out container!

I am in the weeds because of these morons.

You know people like this I would like to serve in a cage and just throw the food at them! Rude, animal-like behaviour was their trait. No manners. And absolutely no clue as to restaurant service times, when they had to leave, it was a rush then it wasn't, one telling the other what to order. It was a muddle of confusion from the moment they entered.

I of course exemplified the utmost politeness. I got the other 3 orders quick and everyone was happy.

But this table to start off the night......Unbelieveable!

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