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Sunday, July 14, 2013

You Better Get My Order Right

The other night I was waiting on my first table. It was this older couple and they had an ordinary request.

They wanted only mushrooms and no vegetables. Okay I said so you do not want any potato either. They replied oh yes I want the potato as well just no vegetables and only mushrooms.

So if I didn't ask about the potato I would have rung that order up with only mushrooms and no vegetables then left the starch out had I not asked them.

The lesson here is just because someone is telling you what they want and do not want don't forget to ask about the other items that come with the meal. Some people just get fixated on what they don't want.

Always dig deeper because people will tell you what they do not want and take for granted that you are a mind reader and know what they do not tell you. When they said they only wanted mushrooms they were really asking they wanted extra mushrooms  instead of the vegetables but also the potato that comes with it.

I as a waiter take everything literal. If someone wants a hamburger with no bun I will ask if they want all the rest that comes with the burger. Chances are they want to omit something else.

If  for example I went out for breakfast and ordered the bacon and eggs that came with hash browns and toast and I said to you I wanted the eggs and bacon only and no hash browns would I then be saying no to the toast as well. As a waiter I have to ask if they want the toast as well. They may assume that is a given but if I don't ask and  the order comes out without the toast they wanted they may have to wait a few minutes longer before the toast arrived. The eggs would be cold by then. Thus a failed table.

In the above case I would have to ask anyway if they wanted whole wheat of white but you get my point.

Always repeat the order back to the guest and this will save a lot of hassle later. Ask also if they still want the other add-ons that come with it if they do not tell you.

This couple the guy said I better get the order right. I found it odd he should say that because if I didn't ask the right questions I would have got it wrong.

Sometimes I think people want you to make a mistake so they can get something free. Always be on your toes and listen.

It will save a hassle later.

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