Lookin' Good at 58

Sunday, July 28, 2013


On The Road to Recovery

As some of you may know my son Adam was admitted to Sick Kids Hospital 10 days ago. Well today he started to eat solid food for the first time. He didn't eat much because his stomach has shrunk a bit and his digestive system needs to get working on it's own again.

The good news is that within a day or two he will be home. He is gaining strength and although far from having abundant energy it was good to see him walking around and playing some air hockey in the kid's lounge.

He is tired after all he has been through and our hope is that he eats that Shepard's Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookie that he wants for dinner tonight. At least some of it to get used to eating after 9 days on IV.

We have been greatly appreciative of all the well wishers throughout this stressful period. Adam has been a model patient having to undergo pain. Throughout he has kept his spirits high.

Adam's wish is when he comes home he comes to the grocery store so he can pick out the foods he has missed the last couple of weeks.

That will be no problem at all!


Joe Sixtop said...

So glad he's doing better. Cheers and God bless y'all.

Steven Nicolle said...

Joe Sixtop...He is getting there. Thanks Joe!