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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Topping Up Wine Glasses

Now with the drinking and driving laws after I pour the first glass of wine for everyone I usually let them pour the rest unless there is a tiny bit left and I will ask who would still like some more wine. Afterwards then I can take the empty bottle away or see if they would like to have one more.

My theory behind this is some people just want a little wine and others want more wine. One person may be driving and another might just want a sip. Rather than me top up someone's wine glass who doesn't want any I would rather let the host do it.

You cannot take the wine out of the glass you just topped up if the person is not going to drink it. I could always ask everyone but to me that is just interrupting.

Like I mentioned earlier if there is just a bit left someone will say let her or him take the rest. Then they will argue and the host will insist. Usually then if there is still some meal left if the host wants more wine he will order right there.

I don't like being pushy.

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