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Friday, July 19, 2013

I Will Take the Canadian Health Care System

So it has been a busy last couple of days. Last Friday my 11 year old was throwing up all night. We thought okay it might just be the heat that is getting to him after our two weeks in Iceland where the temperature never got above 12 degrees Celsius or 54 F. At the same time he had a loss of appetite. Feeling like crap we postponed the piano lesson and further karate lessons.

Then he got diarrhea and had that going on all day. We went to the beach thinking that would perk him up. We thought it was coming to an end this virus.

That night he complained of a pain in his side. I said if it is the same in the morning we are taking you to the hospital. I took him to our local hospital when I noticed as the doctor did that his stomach was bloated. Hmmm... Took some x-rays and they noticed that his bowel was obstructed because the small intestine was twisted. They said they have to send him to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto via ambulance.

With the tube up his nose they are draining this stuff out and are asking us if he has had any problem at all with his intestines or bowel movements before because it is highly unusual that all of a sudden an intestine would twist itself without any apparent reason.

They do more blood work, x-rays, IVs. The doctor says they have to open him up to see what exactly is causing the problem.

They do and discover the appendix had burst and the small intestine got all mangled because of it probably acting in self defense. They take out the appendix and for the next couple of days through his nose they are still taking the stuff out that got clogged and couldn't get out. He cannot eat anything or drink anything till it is all gone. He will be at the hospital for a week at least.

The whole thing was pretty serious. I know when he gets out I am buying him a slurpee or blizzard or whatever he wants. He is going to be okay.
Now the difference I have to say and I am thankful for that all this in Canada is FREE!

                                             Get better soon buddy!!


Joe Sixtop said...

Yea, we really need that here...

Steven Nicolle said...

Joe Sixtop...until it happens and something like this occurs you never fully appreciate it. Out of pocket expense would have been a lot.

SkippyMom said...

OMGosh Steven. I am so sorry I wasn't here. I just read this tonight [read the first post and then scanned through to see this.]

I hope your little man is going to be fine. He is looking quite brave, but being in the hospital sucks [sorry, but it does] for anyone, especially a lil' one. I know you and J are taking great care of him.

I will keep you all in my prayers. And I hope he is home soon.

Hugs, really I wish I was there. To you all. JG

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...yeah it was pretty bad. He is getting better though. He has been in Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto since Thursday. Soley has been with him since then. What a trooper to go what he went through. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.