Lookin' Good at 58

Monday, July 8, 2013

Holiday is Winding Down

In a couple of days we will be flying back home. The time has gone fast but it has been a great time. 

We did our share of swimming in the pools, hiking, shopping, walking, had a dinner out, been up North and in the South, and had a family reunion with some relatives I had not seen before. Then last night ate some shark that I had not had since 1998. It smells bad and is quite chewy but my father-in-law says it wards off cancer. Well there you go!

Tomorrow night going to catch a club soccer game. Today just going to the pool and heading downtown.

The weather has been quite cool and very windy. In Iceland the summers don't last long so the people who are resilient are even getting anxious for good weather. For us there is an escape to the beach back home next week.

For your photo today here is the front page headline.

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