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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Always Let the Guest Make the Decision

I get this a lot when I go to a table. What would you recommend? What is better this or that? What would you choose?

It is like asking me if they need open heart surgery or maybe some Tylenol to get rid of their headache!

I don't know what they want but this is what I say...

They are both good. Then they say but which one would you choose?

I go well which one would you like? They say well I am thinking of getting this one.

To which I reply that would be a very good choice. They say but I always get that.

So then I would go with that one because you like it a lot.

Then here is the kicker! No you know I think I will get the other one this time.

Okay let's get that then.

I take the order and then the meal is finished. I would say 90% of the time they tell me they liked it but they will order the other option the next time or the one they usually eat.

I always let the people make the decision and never make it for them because if I strongly recommend one dish over another and they do not like it they will blame me or send it back.

Always let the guest make the decision. After all they are the ones eating it!

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