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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Red Zinfandel from the Lodi Valley

I bought this bottle of Zinfandel yesterday. The name is Brazin Old Vine Zin from the Lodi Valley in California.

You know sometimes you buy a bottle of wine to check it out. I was thinking of the usual Shiraz that I usually go with but I decided to go for this bottle. Red Zinfandel is very high in alcoholic content and full of dried fruits like figs and mulberries. Plums as well. On the writeup at the liquor store it was mentioned that there was cola on the nose and some on the palate as well.

I thought well why not try it. I took it home and to be honest this wine you really need an acquired taste for it. The cola on it gave it a real odd aftertaste. It might have even unsettled my stomach somewhat.

The wine wasn't bad just really different.

I think the next time I will avoid any wine describing cola in it.

Actually now that I am having it again on the second day it is much better.

My suggestion is when you open the bottle let is breathe for a day. It is softer on the palate once you do that. Taste it and then if you don't like it the first day put the cork back on it and wait a day.

With food it is obviously better than drinking it alone. A meat on the BBQ would be good.

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