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Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Worry?

This may seem like an odd post but here is what I was thinking after I read an article in the business section of Canada's National newspaper the Globe and Mail.

I like to read the Business section. Each Saturday they have a column usually about a couple who want some questions answered about their retirement and which way they should go in order to have enough to live on when they do. So I start reading this and this couple in their later 40's have two kids 10 and 8. Here is their big dilemma. Her being a US citizen was concerned about taxes basically.

Here is what made me laugh though. They were wondering if they should continue renting or buy a house. What they have already are tons in their Registered Retirement Savings Plan and lots in RESPs for their kids which is an education savings plan for their kids. They own $50,000 in titled land. They have $30,000 in mutual funds and about the same amount in Tax Free Savings Accounts.

The real kicker is they are saving $2500 a month.

So what is their problem again?? Are you kidding me!!

Maybe I should send my financial picture in and make it realistic for 95% of the readers who read this weekly column. I mean seriously people worry way too much. So people with that much have to worry about having enough when they retire. My gosh and the prognosis was if they just kept on doing what they were doing they would retire on $60,000 a year! Oh my what hardship! Pfftttt...  

If their situation changed and they had nothing they would jump off the Empire State Building. Give me a break! 

It is all relative. If you have a lot you worry about losing it and when you have little you worry very little cause in order to worry about something you first have to be in possession of it. If you have to worry about something you don't have you are neurotic. Plain and simple.

Then I was driving to work and saw a 4 car collision and thankfully no one was seriously hurt but quite a few were shook up. After seeing that I thought these are the people who just got in a car accident who have the right to worry. 

As far as I am concerned in our household no one wants for anything and we are all healthy so far. That is all I can ask for. I am grateful for that. Money comes and goes. People worry way too much.

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